Nowley Smart - FAQ - Question & Answers


Why is the clock slow or faster when it is turned off or unlinked from the mobile?

That happens because it is a device that to put and keep on time requires the smartphone (Smartphone or iPhone). Without it, the time you mark could be incorrect.

The solution is to pair the watch with the smartphone at least once a day to sync all data, including time of day.

Why not charge?

We remember that to charge your Smartwatch it is necessary to use 5V and 1A chargers. Depending on its use, it may be necessary from time to time to clean the contacts of the device with a dry cloth. Smartwatch where we place the charger.


In those models that have a charger cable with a magnetic terminal, we recommend using the watch strap itself to fix it, as shown in the following pictures. This prevents it from disconnecting and ensures better contact.

Why aren't the step, calorie, and distance markers reading correctly?

It may happen that, since the motion sensor is on the wrist, when we make certain gestures with the hand, the sensor understands that we are walking and will therefore count the steps, it will show that certain calories have been consumed and a distance traveled.

We must bear in mind that these devices only show a guide value and are not intended for professional use since, for this purpose, there are already some specialized devices on the market.

In the same way, within the APP there is a section to configure the age, gender, weight and height to give more accurate results.

Why doesn't it measure my heart rate well?

We remember that the values are approximate and, a single very high reading or a single very low reading, they are not indicative of a malfunction. A set of readings must be considered to obtain a result as close as possible to the real one. It is not a medical device.

Why is the watch unpaired only from the smartphone?

That can happen when we distance ourselves from the phone and lose the bluetooth connection. It can also be unpaired when the phone is in power saving mode, in which case it may be that the bluetooth of the mobile is deactivated and, consequently, the two devices are unlinked.

It is recommended to deactivate the power saving mode when doing sports activities, since it will be necessary to be linked at all times to have the data 100% synchronized.

Why doesn't it connect to the mobile?

Model 21-2019:

We remember that the Smartwatch must be linked from the application, never from the mobile settings. In the "Settings" section of the application, select "Pair the new device". On the next screen, select "Search" in the upper right corner of the screen. In the list of devices select the device with the name HB091-3.

It is possible that, after linking for the first time, it is necessary to restart the Smartwatch for optimal data synchronization.

Is it possible to link the watch without having the APP installed?

No, it is not possible to link it without the APP.

When are the registers set to 0?

As long as the Smart watch is turned on at 11:59 p.m., at that time the clock data is reset to 0. Before it is reset, it is recommended to synchronize it with the phone so that it stores the data that is already saved on the phone and, thus, to be able to obtain a statistic of the results.

Can I see WhatsApp messages on the watch?

Yes, but for this you must first install the APP on the phone and give all permissions to notifications within the same APP.

Why are you not receiving notifications from WhatsApp?

Model 21-2023:

We remind you that it is necessary to activate Device Management > Smart alert > App alerts > WhatsApp.

Attention, muted contacts or groups will not be notified..

What happens if I set the clock with bluetooth without installing the application? What if I install it later?

When setting the watch directly with bluetooth without installing any APP, what will happen is that the watch will link but it will not work, since he does not understand the orders that the telephone gives him. In this case, It is necessary to unlink the bluetooth and install the corresponding APP to be able to link it.

Why are my WhatsApp calls not reaching my watch?

It is not possible to receive notifications of WhatsApp calls, it only notifies normal incoming calls.

Why doesn't the APP appear in my language?

This happens when the phone is in a language that is not translated in the APP. Remember that, among other languages, the APP is in Spanish.

How does the sleep monitor work?

The sleep monitor checks the quality of sleep. Its functionality is only operational from 9:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. For it to work, the watch must be on the wrist of the person who wants to monitor their sleep.

Sleep quality is measured by the range and frequency of your wrist movements while sleeping. Data is recorded between deep sleep and light sleep.

Why don't all the notifications reach my watch?

It should be noted that the phone and the watch are linked through radio waves called bluetooth.

Interference may cause communication to be cut off during a short period of time and prevent notifications from arriving in that time.

You will also have to check which version of bluetooth the phone has, since the older the version, the more chances there will be that communication will be cut off. Today, the most current version of bluetooth is 5.0.

And, finally, it may also depend on the use that is being given to the phone, since if it is at maximum capacity or CPU / Memory usage, It is possible that the bluetooth or the APP that allows communication between the phone and the watch may hang and stop working.

Why does the data sync between the watch and the phone fail?

Like any electronic device, from time to time it is necessary to do a restart to purge the internal memory, since it may happen that, from so much use of the Smart watch or the phone, they do not manage the readings in the memory well and errors occur. We recommend that the watch be turned off while charging.

Why does the watch battery last less than what is indicated in the instructions for use?

Battery life depends on many factors. Among them, the use made by the user. The following examples shorten battery life:

  • If we have the clock screen on for the maximum possible time that the APP allows us.
  • Have the brightness to the maximum.
  • Have the “smart screen power on”. This one, in particular, consumes a lot of battery , since if the user moves their wrist a lot and tilts it as if they wanted to see the time, the screen will light up at all times.
  • Have automatic heart rate control activated and check it every so often.
  • That the user has many notifications activated and that is very active in the APPS (read Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Watsapp) that have allowed the watch to notify you.
  • Do sports activities and control them with the watch.

Average battery life is indicated in the instructions for use.

Is it possible to make card payments on Smart watches?

Currently they do not have the NFC function.

How far can my smart watch be from my phone to stay connected?

The range of the Bluetooth wireless connection between your phone and your watch Smart can vary greatly depending on the location. In general, it has a range of 10 meters of connectivity.

Do I have to carry my phone everywhere so that the Smartwatch works when I do sports activities?

Definitely not. The watch performs almost all of its functions on its own. At the end of the sports activity, all data will be visible from the phone when it is synchronized.

Are Smart watches compatible with the Whatsapp + (plus) application?

They are not compatible. They are only compatible with the official version of WhatsApp found in the “Play Store” for Android and in the “APP Store” for IOS.

Why don't I get a notification to my Smart watch after activating them in the app?

The watch only receives the same notifications that you have activated in the notification bar of your Smartphone or iPhone. If your device is an Android, make sure you have enabled app overlay to allow background running and app work properly, which will allow the data to be transmitted to the watch.

Is it possible to answer calls from my smart watch?

No, from the Smart watch you can only silence or hang up the call.

Is it necessary to update the firmware to the latest version?

No, but to be able to enjoy all the functions and news it is recommended to do so.

How do I update the Nowley Smart firmware?

To update to the latest version of Nowley Smart, you need to have it linked through the APP and from there update the firmware.